Sunday, November 29, 2015

All I really needed to know...

There's surely plenty to write about and this week (intersession and thus between trimesters at school) promises time for reflection that may help my thoughts mature into something publishable.  But all you need to know about my week, my weekend and my life these days is as follows:

I was leaving the house in the cool, thin light of this late November afternoon to walk the dogs.  In the car, prepared to start up and pull out of the driveway, my phone rings, and it's A's number.  She tells me that Her Wisdom, my eldest daughter, wants to come too, and asks if I'd wait a moment.  I accede, glad to sit in the warm and listen to a podcast for a bit.

Not five minutes later a bright young figure bursts from the side door of the house and runs pell mell towards the car, waving her arms and shouting.  She was moving as though her life depended on making it to the car before I pulled out.  Of course, I'd have waited 'til doomsday if she asked me to.  She was just so excited to be with me, outside, on an adventure together that she couldn't hold it in.  She was grinning as she piled into the car.

So was I.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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